Corporative clients

Corporative clients

We combine automation and manual labor to ensure the best quality of washing and packaging your laundry. We provide efficiency, speed, and competitive prices through automated washing process, the state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies and the use of innovative washing detergents.

For medical institutions, clinics, resorts

For medical institutions, clinics, and resorts, laundry is separate from the general wash process.

We use separate equipment to exclude the risks of infection and prolong the lifespan of textile.

Pralnyj Dim provides clean bedding, uniforms, and bathrobes as soon as possible to maintain the high level of services of our customers.

We guarantee a neat look of attire and textiles due to delicate wash and high-quality ironing. Besides, taking into account the specifics of use and hygiene requirements, each product is neatly packaged individually during transportation.

For saunas, gyms, fitness centers

We know everything about the high expectations of modern customers. Therefore, you need high-quality, fast, and reliable services we provide.

Isn’t it pleasing to use a fluffy white towel after an active work-out or to put on terry, giving a sense of comfort bathrobe after the swimming in the pool?

Our specially developed delicate wash programs and state-of-the-art models of dry cans allow us saving the softness and color of products in conditions of intensive use and frequent wash.

Towels, bathrobes, and textiles are individually packed. Therefore, you can always guarantee a high level of customer comfort.

Entrust us with terry products, bedding, staff uniforms, and overalls to make a perfect impression on your customers.

For hotels, boarding houses, country complexes

Manage a hotel, a boarding guest house, or a country complex and need a laundry? We know that managing a busy hotel can be very stressful if you strive to meet the expectations of today’s customers. That is why you need our high-quality, fast, and reliable services.

We wash sheets, pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted shits, bedding, table linen, tablecloths, napkins, chefs work clothes and staff uniforms.

For a small guest house or an upmarket hotel, we will wash and iron to help your guests enjoy a comfortable stay.

After all, first impressions are unforgettable impressions.

For restaurants, cafes, catering companies

Restaurants, cafes, and catering companies require a lot of textile products. They must be clean and perfectly ironed because visitors appreciate the facility atmosphere consisting of little things.

Looking for a professional quality laundry, or dry cleaning service for your restaurant?

Pralnyj Dim enjoys the confidence of a large number of cafes, diners, and restaurants – from fast food to gourmet restaurants.

We are the right company you need to receive professional services for washing and ironing your napkins, tablecloths, aprons, and uniforms.

We offer a manageable concept of textiles and overalls leasing, which allows our customers acquiring new linen as soon as possible without spending on its purchasing. Pralnyj Dim has linen, uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, towels, and terry-loop goods available for lease.

We can personalize our textiles to feature your company brand. This makes leasing an innovative option.

You choose:

  1. the number of uniforms/linen/ terry-loop goods;
  2. type of uniforms/linen/ terry-loop goods and completeness;
  3. color, fabric density, type of fabric;
  4. frequency of washing (at least once a week)
  5. the number of interchangeable sets (from 2 pieces or more);
  6. branding.

We fulfill:

  1. counting the rental value per month and the cost of products;
  2. entering information on uniforms/linen/ terry-loop goods in the accounting program where they are assigned a unique number in automatic mode;
  3. fixing the commencement date of the lease, signing the act of acceptance of the transfer with the customer for the possibility of calculating the redemption value by the customer.

Uniform leasing

Lease holding of overalls and uniforms is a new direction. However, our clients have already managed to assess it due to its convenience, providing a full-service cycle, and speed of fulfillment. 

We offer:

  • overalls and uniforms for service industries;
  • workwear;
  • medical clothing.

We use Carrington fabric with a density of 195, 245, and 315 g / m2.  Professional designers, technologists, and sewers create the attire, so it looks modern, beautiful, and is comfortable to use.

Major overall collection:

  • Men's work jacket
  • Men's uniform trousers 
  • Men's bib overall
  • Women's heavy duty overall
  • Women's working clothes
  • Women's bathrobe (dressing gown)
  • Men's bathrobe (dressing gown)
  • Cape apron
  • Universal apron
  • Women's classic cook jacket 
  • Men's surgical jacket
  • Women's medical jacket with zipper
  • Men's medical jacket
  • Men's medical trousers
  • Women's medical trousers
  • Women's housekeeping pantsuit 
  • Work suit for the food processing industry.

Every day, we do everything so that you can use the service of overalls lease holding and be consistently satisfied with the quality of the implementation of each stage of cooperation.

Bed linen leasing

We offer a wide variety of bed linen made in Turkey from high-quality, environmentally friendly natural cotton. This improves the quality characteristics of cloth and linen, i.e. porosity, durability, and suppleness.

It is resistant to pills formation and remains glace and soft for a long time.

Renting our products is more manageable and profitable than running own textiles which requires:

  • organizing and keeping own washing house,
  • providing facilities for clean and dirty items,
  • hiring staff for accounting and caring for cloth and linen.

Renting can save your business money every month because you can easily adjust your requirements for linen and frequency of washing.

Major collection of bed linen:

  • Duvet сover (flat sheet): 160x220 / 200x220 
  • Bed sheet (fitted sheet): 180x280 / 240x280
  • Pillowcase: 50x70
  • Bedspread (blanket): 155x215 / 195x215
  • Mattress protection: 90x190 / 100x200 / 160x200 / 180x200
  • Pillow: 50x70
  • Hotel blanket: single / double
  • Bedcover: single / double
Terry-loop goods leasing

Renting terry bathrobes and towels with us guarantees the timely organization of washing, individual packaging, pick-up, and delivery, as well as repair and replacement of worn products.

Our fresh, beautiful, and comfortable terry towels and bathrobes will make your guests enjoy luxury and comfort. They will favorably distinguish you from your business rivals.

We offer a wide variety of comfortable and lovely products:

  • terry towels,
  • terry bathrobes.

It is also possible to purchase terry-loop goods of a specific type as well as to brand products.

Major collection of bathrobes and towels:

  • Beige towel: 50x90 / 70x140
  • White towel: 50x90 / 70x140
  • Brown towel: 50x90 / 70x140
  • Red towel: 70x140
  • Floor towel: 50x70
  • Adult bathrobe: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
  • Children's bathrobe (smock): S / M
  • Sheet for massage
  • Terry sheet: 140x200

Due to regular use, textiles and clothing quickly become dirty and worn out. We offer repair of all types of textiles and overalls. Our sewers are highly qualified and experienced, so we know how to help you.

Textile Repair

Textile repair is something that each of us has either encountered or will anyway encounter.

A seam came apart on the bedding, the edge of the towel or tablecloth was parted? This is not a reason to discard a textile product and buy a new expensive set. We offer a professional textile repair service for our customers!

Our sewers will repair for you:

  • covers, awnings (canvas), blankets, bedspreads, curtains, etc.;
  • terry towels and bathrobes;
  • table and bed linen.

Minor maintenance of overalls and uniforms is also possible.

No matter your industry, the appearance of workers directly impacts your business performance, and little things like a torn button can mess your image up.

For our customers, we will fulfill:

  • sewing the buttons on;
  • repair of pockets, broken seam (top and lining), sleeve lining, lower edges of trousers,
  • the holes mending, 
  • the lining replacement.